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A complete diagnosis and treatment of oral conditions in dogs, cats and other small animals requires general anesthesia.  Pet owners report anesthesia as their greatest concern and barrier to having dental work performed.  It is essential for us to have great knowledge and respect of the medications we use to provide anesthesia to our patients. The Whiskers Animal Dentistry and Oral Surgery team includes a Board Certified Veterinary Anesthesiologist who can work with us in various ways to provide an even higher safety margin than we have experienced in the past.  Every client has the option to utilize our anesthesiologist, if they choose, in one of 3 ways: an anesthesia consult which consists of a thorough review of the medical history, physical exam findings and pre-operative testing with formulation of a plan with availability to interact during the procedure, on an emergent/urgent need during an anesthetic event (for patients that did not have a plan formulated) or for the consultation with continuous remote monitoring. There is an additional cost associated with having our anesthesiologist involved in the care of your pet, but there is no substitute that would allow us to experience the high level of care we provide as a more specialized team.

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